Does anyone remember this religious public service announcement on TV in the 1960s?

Two white businessmen (one 30-ish, the other older) are running through a busy airport, obviously hurrying to catch a flight.

Rushing through the crowds, they bump into a small boy who’s carrying a box of puzzle or game pieces, which scatter all over the floor.

The older man hesitates - he’s clearly conscience-stricken - but the hot-tempered younger man will have none of it. He exhorts the older man to forget about it and keep moving.

But the older man finally gives in. He kneels down to the floor, picking up the pieces and putting them back in the box. He smiles slightly as he finishes and gets to his feet.

At which point the younger man agitatedly reminds him of their schedule: “My God, come on! We’ll miss the plane!”

Hearing this, the little boy looks reverently at the older man and asks, “Are you God?”

The older man is speechless as he turns to go.
Very memorable to this lifelong atheist.

That reminds me of a line spoken by Edith to Archie in All in the Family:
“How can he? You ain’t God.”

Good Lord, that was one of my favorite Edith moments in the whole damn series. It was the one where they found out Edith’s late cousin had been a lesbian in a long-term relationship with a colleague. Veronica, the “widow”, asked Edith for the silver tea service that meant a lot to the two of them, but Archie insisted it was theirs (or rather, the money it would bring by selling it was). He threatened to blackmail Veronica by revealing her relationship with Liz and started on a tirade about God sitting in judgment on them.

Edith jumped in with, “Yeah–well, He’s God. YOU ain’t!” The applause after that line was deafening.

I always loved it when Edith put Archie in his place. She was so long-suffering and patient, but when she ran out of patience she had no problem telling him what was what.

Yeah…but it took her death to give him his come-uppance…he saw her slipper on the floor in the bedroom… :frowning: