Does anyone remember this "sport"...

…or was I hallucinating?

I was but a wee tyke back in the mid-1970s, but I have a clear recollection of this strange comptetion on Saturday afternoon sports. It was along the lines of the early “World’s Strongest Man” competition, in the Bill Kasmier, dead-lifting boxes of gold coins days. The competition I’m remembering involved the participants running an obstacle course through a bar or tavern - jumping tables and so on - until finally smashing through a closed door and ringing a bell to stop the time.

I know - even at five years old I was wondering what that was all about. Anyway, The memory of this popped into my head over the weekend and now I’m curious: Does anyone else have any recollection of this, and what it was called? And even more importantly, what was the point? Or did this never happen at all, and I should ask my parents about what sort of sedatives they were putting in my strained peas?

Sounds familiar. Maybe a contest for bouncers. I.E., get to the customer and toss him out the door?

I don’t think you’re hallucinating; I seem to recall seeing that as well.

Could it have been NBC’s “Games People Play”? Apparently, that’s where Mr T got his break in the “Worlds Toughest Bouncer” contest.

World’s Toughest Bouncer competition, on NBC’s “Games People Play” in 1982. It was Mr T’s big break.


Mr. T was the Big Black Dude ™ with a Mohawk cut into his 'fro (!!!), hurdling the bar bannister and yanking the bell off the wall.

I remember it, too, including the drunk-tossing contest. The tossee wasn’t an actual dwarf, but he was pretty small.