Does anyone share your name?


Has anyone found a person, offline or online, that shares their whole name? Did you contact them, and if so, what did they have to say about it?

There is someone with my name in Ohio, but she ignored my ICQ messages! (tsk tsk tsk). My last name is uncommon, and when I sent her messages, it sort of felt like I was pathetically messaging myself!


I own the domain, which is my full name (nothing there at the moment, but there used to be). Other Tim Wassons would type it in just to see, and then email me about it. I’ve had contact with a few of them, but we run out of stuff to say to each other pretty quick.

I got a woman with my same first and last (unusual maiden) name visiting one of my websites. I haven’t maintained any sort of contact; I’m not much of a people person anyhow.

I share the same uncommon first and last name as someone from my hometown; he was in college when I was in kindergarten. We shared a pharmacy and occassionally someone would come to my house by mistake with a delivery for him. He was a highly rated golf player for a while, and now lives up north and designs and handmakes golf clubs. I still meet people occassionally who know him and his family and are surprised I share the name. I’ve thought writing him a brief letter (I’m pretty sure he’s aware of me), I probably will one day.

pssshh… If there’s another Bear Nenno out there in the World, I’d be pretty suprised. Impressed even.

My first cousin, but I guess that doesn’t count.

I own, me@hotmail, me@yahoo and me@gmail. is up for grabs. Google turns up nothing other than me. I will be very surprised if I ever meet somebody sharing my name (and I don’t even have a middle name, which should simplify things!)

There’s another writer with my name (actually, she’s older, so I guess I have her name)—we linked our Web sites call call each other “Evil Twin.”

Nope. I’m the only me in the whole universe.

Isn’t one of me enough? :dubious: Even I think it is! :smiley:

Well, not my whole name, but I did find someone once with my first name, which since it is unusual (see username) surprised me. What really surprised me, though, was that the link was to a “women in prison looking for love” website. :eek:

Nope. There may be another Laura with an alternate spelling of my last name, since there’s a variation that’s slightly more common. But I’d be surprised by it.

Well, wow. I went and googled Laura Alternatespelling and danged if there wasn’t one. She lives in the UK and was listed on a business website as a support staff person. I’m not going to contact her though.

Someone with both my first and last names is a wrestler in those Ultimate Fighting contest things. He’s pretty decent, but he’s certainly no superstar. The thing is, my name is certainly not slick or sexy and its especially not intimidating.

Still, I may have to pay another of the wrestlers to take him out. There can be only one…

There is a girl in JAIL in Florida with almost my exact name (shortened first name, same last name), who is also about my height and weight. :eek:

During the same time I was using one of those dating websites, so was she, but for chicks in the slammer. Every so often a guy I was seeing would google my name and up she would come.

I would be somewhat surprised if there was another me out there. Both my first and last name are somewhat common, but among different groups of people–I’ve only ever met maybe two people who have heard my first name before meeting me. I’m probably the only person in the world with that particular combination.

About 5 years ago someone with the exact same name (all 3 names) decided to open a checking account and pass a bunch of bad checks. I spent a couple years fending off various retailers, collection agencies, and the biggest pain in the butt, Chex Systems. Twice I had my checking account siezed and a savings account at a credit union was closed because I was a bad risk. I finally tracked the kid down and with the help of his father, go most everything straightened out.

Some guy with my name won the lottery in Colorado once.

I’m the only me. Both for who I know, and also when I google my name. And I don’t even have to include my middle name.

It is incredibly valuable to be the first and only google hit for your own name - just one of the reasons that if I ever meet a nice boy and get married, I won’t be changing my name.

There’s a DC cop (Cmdr.) with my name. I’m kinda concerned that someone wanting revenge on him might look me up instead.

My alternate internet name is Jenniger, which is my name after being ever-so-slightly altered. But there are Jennigers all over the place! Sometimes it’s a typo, but there are people (that I’ve seen on the internet) whose name actually is Jenniger, and at a lot of places it was already taken as a screen name, like at Yahoo!