Does anyone shower before using a public pool?

In my HS swimming class, we showered after the class- they didn’t give us enough time to shower before. Aside from that, the only public pools I’ve ever used were at hotels- which have neither signs nor showers.

It’s so strange to me that people keep saying this. Maybe it varies by state. I think of signs as being ubiquitous at hotel pools, along with a poolside shower.

I routinely do both. I’m really puzzled by all the people who don’t rinse off before jumping into shared water.

Same. It has literally never occurred to me to do such a thing. That said, I’ve really only been to public pools as a little kid through my teens, so maybe there was a sign at the entrance that I never noticed. If there was, it was never ever brought to my attention and the idea was never mentioned.

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In the UK, this ‘shower before pool’ signage is something that seems to have creeped in without me noticing - we certainly didn’t have it when I was a child in the 70s (but we did have the shallow disinfected bath to step into).

I went to the outdoor pool at my sports club for the first time recently and noticed that (a) signs asked you to shower and (b) nobody did, as far as I could see. The lifeguard paid no notice. Didn’t help that there weren’t any outdoor showers by the pool - maybe people had showered in the changing rooms beforehand, although I doubt it. Most people seemed to be there to sunbathe rather than swim.

My former health club in NYC had a shower-before-pool rule as well. (Which basically means rinse off for 30 seconds in your bathing suit before jumping in.) They had a couple shower heads right on the pool deck for that purpose. It’s a good rule.

They also enforced mandatory swim caps, which I found annoying. But apparently it helps keep hair out of the filter.

Nope. I took swimming lessons when I was in kindergarten, so 1982-83, at our local Y (in Massachusetts) and we always showered before our lesson. Us littles wore our bathing suits for the showers, but I have no idea what the adults did.