Does anyone use Pro Tools for audio editing?

Hello all,

I asked for help a while back on Cafe Society on how to record songs off a cassette onto my hard drive, and I got a lot of good advice. I used Music Match Jukebox to record the songs into WAV files, but they were too low to hear. I finally downloaded a free demo version of Pro Tools (for Windows), and I was able to normalize the tracks so I could hear them normally.

Now I’m almost ready to burn the WAVs onto a CD, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to use Pro Tools to remove the hissing from the tracks (since the songs were originally on multi-generation cassettes with lots of background noise). I’m not looking to work mixing miracles, just to eliminate some of that noise for clearer tracks on the CD.

Any help is appreciated, Doper musicians and audiophiles!

There’s a program called Cool Edit that has an excellent BG Noise elimination routine. I believe you can DL a “trial” version and use it for a month. To do that with Pro Tools you need a plug-in. Pro-tools is great for recording, but not the greatest for individual cut edits. I would always do basic recording and prep-work with PT and then pull the completed files into SoundForge or Cool Edit for final prep.