Does beer help your lawn?

One of my friends owns a “Chem Lawn” type company. He insists that I can get good results by pouring a mixture of amonia, baby shampoo, epson salts, suger, and beer on my lawn. He makes a pretty penny making peoples lawns green, so I figure he should know. And I have heard of this before.
But before I pour my delicious beer over the grass, I’d like to know if this actually works, and if so, how well does it work.

Like you, I thought I had read something like this before, but I don’t trust my memory. states "The secret formula for watering is a can of beer (which helps the thatch compost faster into better soil), a cup children’s shampoo (to break water surface tension and wash away dust), half a cup of molasses (more sugars) disolved in half a cup of warm water (so it isn’t thick), and top off with household ammonia (for nitrogen).

I too have found that a bottle of beer helps break the tension and wash away the dust so that I can take care of the lawn.