Does "Beulah" still exist? [1950s TV show.]

I just got done watching C.S.A. and was suprised to find out that one of the shows withing a show, Beulah was real? Do any kinescopes of it still survive?

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My searches would say no. I’m old enough to have seen it live on tv.

I remember watching Beulah when I was a kid. I had no idea the role was played by four different women, and what distinguished actresses they were.

Beulah is in the public domain and is distributed by Reel Media International. I wouldn’t be surprised if those were actual clips used in the film itself. (Good movie, by the way- I was thinking of starting a thread about it.)

You child. I remember it from radio.

I didn’t listen on radio as I had a tv since 1947. No need to listen to something so old-fashioned! :slight_smile:

Beulah? Beulah?

Somebudy bawl for Beulah?

Not a day off :slight_smile: , but 15 years had to pass for another black woman to be a star in a TV show:

Shokus Video sells a three-episode compliation from this program, and I know of at least 5 radio episodes to exist in private hands.

Here’s a thread from 2004 started by one of the crew members.