Does "Blazing Saddles" offend you?

I think it’s hilarious. Would some consider me a racist or misogynist for liking it? I consider it to be a parody of the racism, misogyny, etc. that goes on in the movie. It’s easily the least P.C. movie I’ve ever seen. Too bad we can never have movies like that again, they’d be considered “hateful”.

I also think its hilarious. I don’t think its racist, rather it is making fun of people who are racist.

I find that the funniest movies are usually outrageously un-P.C. Another good example is The Life of Brian.

Offend? No. But Brooks parodies stuff he watched in the movies as a kid in the 30s, which are way different from the things I watched in the movies as a kid in the 70s (Westers and Busby Berkeley production numbers were not among my formative influences). I’ve never felt his movies were aimed at me.

Blazing Saddle’s is the most unPC movie you’ve ever seen! Am I being wooshed? I mean maybe it was edgy for the time, but it pales in comparison to, say, South Park the Movie. Many many modern movies seem far more unPC to me and don’t get labled “hateful”.

I agree completely. There are some though, that can’t even stand satire and parody. They need to STFU IMO.

How many N-bombs in South Park The Movie?

You seem shocked, am I mising some other movies?

Remember Operation Human Shield?

Anyway, just because a movie contains some characters who express racist sentiments does not make it a racist movie. Besides whuich :

“He conquered fear and he conquered hate
He turned the night into day
He made his blazing saddle a torch top light the way”

It is on one level a story of a man that taught a bunch of ignorant idiots to overcome their racism. That is totally PC in my book. I can’t see that anyone would be offended by this movie, or that you couldn’t make it today.


That was when all the black soldiers were strapped to the outside of the tanks to protect the white soldiers inside, rather more racist than the n-word, methinks.

Olson Johnson: “We’ll take the Niggers and the Chinks. But no Irish!”

Sherriff Bart: “Now now. It’s gotta be everybody or it won’t work.”

Olson Johnson: “Aw shucks. The Irish too!”

(or a very close version of that exchange)

Buddy: “Come on, you faggots!”

(boss faggot motivating all the dancer extra faggots)

Really, what’s not to love? The movie was perfectly satarical, and just plain old god damn funny.

Also worth noting that, back in 1974, the word “nigger” wasn’t as politically incorrect as it has become. It certainly wasn’t polite, but it was used (rarely, but used) as easy way of characterizing red-neck racists: by having one character call another character “nigger,” the audience knew immediately a lot about that character’s personality, and sympathized with the black person being abused.

It was only later that the word became the focus for political correctness, so that there are people calling for the banning (or editing) of Huckleberry Finn to get rid of the now-noxious word.

It was actually called “Operation Get-Behind-The-Darkies”.

I agree with Imasquare. We’re supposed to be laughing at the racists, not with them. Don’t forget that Sheriff Bart was the smartest guy in Rock Ridge, and in the end, everyone tried to get him to stay.

And the Kosher Indians were hilarious!

After a bit of research, it turns out that both expressions were used :

Only in its total lack of humor as an ostensible comedy film. I watched it for the first time about six months ago at a friend’s insistance and think I only laughed once or twice. I admit the constant use of “nigger” was somewhat surprising as I really didn’t know much about the movie before seeing it but it didn’t come off as offensive at all. If anything, it just added to my boredom as the racist jokes were just ran into the ground.

My opinion. :smiley:

Misogynist? Why? Because Madeline Kahn’s character was slutty? :confused: You can find people who are offended by anything, but Blazing Saddles shouldn’t be it. Although, as is typical with some of Brooks’ stuff, I guess the gay jokes are cheap.

I don’t consider *BS *to be offensive, but I personally don’t find it all that funny; *The Twelve Chairs *and *The Producers *were both funnier, IMO.

But it’s way funnier than his later movies, in which the humor–like the *Airplane *movies, stylistic offspring of Brooks’s movies–are isolated gags, that have little or nothing to do with the situation. And yes, I’m that one person you might have heard of but who you didn’t actually believe existed who thinks the *Airplane *movies are about as unfunny as it gets.

As far as *BS’*s PCness, its mouth is unPC, but its heart is as PC as it gets.