Does Bush believe in the rapture?

Since The President wears his religion on his sleeve you would think he would have tipped his hand on this contentious theological issue at some point in his public life.

Has he ever said anything that would show one way or the other his faith as it pertains to this matter?

I’m not looking for responses like “well he’s an idiot and people who believe in the rapture are idiots so…” I’m looking for statements he’s made that would seem to swing the balance one way or the other.

I’m not optimistic any dopers will uncover any quotes or such that would really pin him down on this as the political cost to him could be grave if his beliefs concerning the rapture were made widely known (regardless of which side of the issue he comes down on), but I figure it’s worth a shot.

I really have no idea where he stands on this.

I thought perhaps I could pin down something from the Rev. Billy Graham, who is something of a guru to GWB, but his web site is surprisingly evenhanded and noncommittal:

(Granted, Graham’s views are not nec. equal to Bush’s, but it’s known that the Rev. had a strong influence on Bush’s religious views, and not unreasonable to assume some similarity in doctrine between the two men … but the above quote would seem to make all of that moot.)