Does Bush Have An Itchy Trigger Finger?

With Bush putting such demands on the UN, and then not even being patient enough to wait by saying “the heck with even voting”…can we trust this man not to be eager to push the button? Is this the thinking of a calm, rational man at the helm in the face of a storm??? Is he a bit too overzealous?

  • Jinx

Yes, yes, and no, respectively.

It has been twelve years, and Saddam shows no sign of being willing to abide by the terms of the ceasefire.

As for Bush’s demands on the UN, see resolution 1441. It passed unanimously.



No, no, and yes respectively.

It is possible that an invasion of Iraq is/was necessary and that now was the time. Couldn’t tell it from the behavior of the President, who very transparently set out to make this war happen while giving grudging and unconvincing lip service to the concept of international due process. So can you trust him not to be too eager to push the button? I am not up to the task of expressing just how unimpressed I am with his judgmental acumen. Short answer above.

We’ve got Beavis in the goddam button room.

Hehe…You said “butt”.

Sorry, but you kinda asked for it.

So, have we accused Bush of ** every ** possible short coming a leader can have? If not, I’m sure some posters on this board will get to it.

To answer your OP, yes I’m sure Bush is just chomping at the bit to drop a nuke on someone. :rolleyes:

I laughed out loud when he said “we enter this war reluctantly”.