Does clicking on ads benefit the SDMB?

Well, I’m just plain ignorant of how internet advertising works, but, does it help the SDMB to click on ads? Is it registered in any way? Does the banner ad count more than the Google ads?

I normally don’t click/read the ads, but if I knew the SD would benefit, I’d do it now and again. Please educate me.

According to this exchange in a thread a while back, the answer is Yes.

I hope that helps until a Mod or Admin shows up.


Also note, however, that they’ve frequently said they don’t want people clicking for the sake of clicking. If you’re interested in the product, by all means, but fraudulent clicks could lead to them being thrown out of the program.

What they said.

Thanks, that kinda explains the Google Ads. What about the main banner ad above the SD logo ? I wouldn’t keep clicking on it just to rack up points, but I would read the ad once if it really mattered to financing this board.