Does Coca-Cola go 'off'?

Have an opened bottle of coke on the desk.
Been there about two weeks.
Is it safe to drink the rest ?

Did it have a lid on in the intervening fortnight?

I don’t know for sure, but I’d say that it’ll be warm and flat, but won’t kill you if you drink it.

Apparently, the official story from Coca-Cola.

But everything changes once the bottle has been opened. I have seen mold floating in a Coke after only a few days. I wouldn’t drink it after two weeks.

did you drink from it? If so the bacteria from your mouth has probably been swimming in that sugar water for weeks reproducing like mad. Unless the carbonic acid makes soda inhospitable to microorganisms, anyone know?

As a kid I once saved up my spit in a sealed bottle for several weeks.
It’s somewhat OT, but I just had to get that out in the open. Confession is good for the subconscious, if not the soul.

PS, the SMELL. Good lord (choke!) Decayed saliva has a scent that you’ll still remember after one small whiff taken forty years ago.