Does cubic zirconia cloud up?

I was reading about diamonds on some veb sites and came across a crack about cubic zirconia, which I like, that unlike cubic zirconia, which clouds up after a while, our diamond simulant of moissanite never does. Now I’m worried about my prized cubic zirconia collection! I have some good ones and will they get cloudy a few years from now? I can’t get any information about cubic zirconias because everybody but me hates them and because whenever you look up anything about gems you only get companies that want to sell them and never give out any information to speak of on the structures of the gems. I mean there is almost not scientific information and that’s what I want.

All I can say is, I had one that clouded up over about 18 months of constant wear on a ring. I have heard that there is some kind of treatment they can do that “hides” the cloudiness, so I don’t know that it wasn’t cloudy to begin with, and the treatment just wore off. If you have already had them for a long time, I wouldn’t worry. I would avoid any contact with soaps and such, though.

Do you think they mean cloudy on the inside or the outside?

Most of the time a cloudy or dull appearance of your CZ indicates that it needs to be cleaned. Hand lotions, body oils, dirt and grime will cause a loss in brilliance of your CZ. To clean simply use a solution of one half common household cleaner containing soapy ammonia and one half water. Most jewelry cleaners have also proven quite effective. Use a soft toothbrush for best results. Rinse with clear water. This process usually restores your CZ to its original appearance.

I don’t know the hardness properties of CZ, but I suppose it is possible that cloudiness is also due to scratching. IIRC contact with water (minerals etc) will also cloud the outside.

Also, some CZ’s are cut by machine and some with lasers. Laser tends to leave a ‘cleaner’ surface whereas by diamond or machine cutting, the surface will be microscopically ‘lumpy’ and will allow dirt, etc, to cling to the surface also giving a cloudy appearance.

I am not sure about the clouding of the inside. You’re essentially talking about a fault in the manufacturing process where the end result is porous and over time ‘things’ find their way into the stone.

Also, CZ’s may appear to be cloudy under flourescent light where they may appear to be a different colour and in direct sunlight they may also highlight inclusions (actually I’m not sure that you can get an inclusion in a CZ).

Not sure I’ve answered the question.

I’ve had one for about six years - I wear it in place of my diamond engagement ring because the CZ is much more beautiful than my real one. It’s prettier and sparklier, but still a decently small size and setting. Not fake-looking like some of them can be if they’re too big. I’m not careful of it AT ALL. It hasn’t gotten a bit cloudy and that’s with constant wear - putting it in dishwater, dirt, bath water, household cleaners, etc. I never take it off and have never cleaned it (except to use a toothbrush if gunk gets caught in it). And it’s gorgeous. If I do say so myself! I treat my diamond wedding band (real diamonds in a pave setting) in exactly the same not-careful, rough, never-take-it-off way. I got the CZ from QVC if you can believe it, it’s one of their Diamonique things, with a white-gold band (that’s silver) and it looks like a million bucks. It matches my diamond wedding band, and both have a small silver flower design holding the diamonds; the matching effect is probably why it looks so good. Maybe all the abuse with the cleaners keeps it looking nice - all I know is it certainly doesn’t hurt it. So my experience with the CZ is very positive, it hasn’t clouded in six years and I just love it, more than real diamonds!

I’m not 100% sure that it’s the same thing, but zirconium oxide weigh in at 8.2 on Moh’s scale. That means that it’s nowhere near as hard as diamond, but still very hard. (I got this from an article about ceramic knies, where they use amorphous zirconium oxide. The crystaline form might be differtent, but not wildly so)

Cubic Zirconias no longer cloud since they added calcium. Cubic Z’s represent modern man since they are made by humans. It’s sexy ass hell,if you ask me. They can also impersonate multiple jewels. They are FASCINATING!!! They are an 8 on the hardness scale and diamonds are a 10. The zirconia will last you 10-20 years! They have no relation to diamonds,other than PEOPLE claiming them to be diamonds.

You seem to know about what makes CZ not cloud. Where can I get more info. about this?


I love cubic zirconias - almost all the sparkle for a fraction of the price, and no worries about blood diamonds and all that crap. In fact, I’m wearing my lovely cubic zirconia pendant necklace today - cost me $12! I don’t have to worry about losing it, either.

Uh, that might be a bit off-topic, but what the hell. :slight_smile:

You sound like my sister. She’s also prefers the cheaper bling.

Years ago, my son got me one. I have not taken it off in, oh, over ten years? It’s still sparkly and not a bit cloudy - I just clean it with dishsoap and warm water (as I do all my other jewelry) now and then.

Does anyone know what sort of stone is in the Shhhh Secrets jewellery? I have a ring I bought from them a couple of years ago and it’s lovely when I give it a gentle polish with a soft cloth (not jewellery specific) but it does seem to dull fairly quickly.

CZ looks great, and depending on the type of setting, will probably last at the very least decades. Considering how much you save vs. diamonds, you can how loads of cz rings.
Why be stuck with just one super expensive ring you may loose and feel terrible about having lost? If I loose one of my cz rings I buy another.