Does drinking cologne make poop smell good?

Disregard the fact that cologne consumption is poisonous. If I were to drink it and survive, would my poop smell like cologne?

Probably not.

The reason I ask is because some guy drank liquid fart and he said it made his shit smell like shit for weeks, so I was wondering if cologne would have a similar effect.

Does eating cake make your poop smell good? Cake smells good.

WTH is “Liquid Fart?”


Allow me to point out the obvious. His shit probably always smells like shit. He just happened to notice the smell because he was checking it after drinking something unusual.

I recall from my days studying anatomy and physiology that bile, apart from its encouragement of peristalsis, is the major factor in deodorizing faeces. So I’m thinking something else pretty foul tasting and smelling would be your best bet.

I interpreted it as it made his shit smell shittier. Like that kind of nose hair curling shit that makes it painful to breathe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ingestion of said liquid actually did contribute something to his fecal/flatulential odor. In my own experience, surströmming certainly does, especially if you eat the skin, which is one reason why I prefer to remove it (it’s also rather slimy).
I can’t really see the effect persisting for weeks though – more likely a day or two.

Neutralizing the natural fecal smell by swallowing aroma compounds would presumably require huge amounts of any fragrant oil, even if it were totally unaffected by the digestive system.

I ate Surstomming once… once. Never again. In my opinion Surstomming and Durian should both be abolished from the planet.

Some people who have colostomies take chlorophyll tablets, and place them in the bags, to reduce the odor. I tried giving them to one of my cats after I took him in, because his poop smelled so bad, but then I kept finding them in corners so he wasn’t swallowing them. I later found out that he had parasites, and when that was treated, his poop, while still smelly, became more like normal cat poop, which didn’t smell strong enough to wake me up.

If I eat hot peppers that haven’t been thoroughly cooked, I will start passing gas that smells like those peppers several hours later. I’ve heard of people who overindulged on hot peppers, or other spicy food, who had anal irritation a day or two later.

On a different topic from the other replies, why would cologne consumption be poisonous?

Because it’s toilet water, duh.

It’s probably not, but while it’s mainly alcohol, the alcohol might contain some contaminants like methanol. Better safe than sorry.

It’s pretty nasty stuff if ingested

This is a pretty thin basis to start with. Do you know for a fact that he drank that stuff, or is just that he told you he did? And of course it appears you didn’t personally perform a sniff test on his poop, but are taking his word for it. The point is, “he said…” is not very solid evidence. Maybe he told you true, but maybe he was mistaken, or fooled by confirmation bias, or exaggerated significantly, or outright lied. You can waste a lot of time chasing ghosts – looking for stuff that doesn’t exist.

If I were in your shoes, what I would learn from this is not that you can do something to alter the odor of your feces for a period of weeks, but that this guy is not to be considered a reliable source.

I thought you were (creature that lives under a bridge)-ing, and then a little Google-fu led me to this.

Never doubt me.

This one is even better.

Perhaps you would get better results with a cologne enema.