Does Drinking Women's Urine Make You Effeminate?

As I understand it, those pregnancy tests that you pee on work by detecting certain pregnancy-related hormones present in the urine. Presumably, there are female hormones present in the urine even when she’s not pregnant as well.

If, hypothetically, a man were to drink a glass of women’s urine, would he absorb these hormones into his blood stream, thereby causing him to become effeminate? Or would his digestive system break these hormones down into their individual amino acids, where they would safely pass through his system and not impact his hormonal balance??


I’d say that if a man drank large quantities of female urine, he could indeed become feminised to some (probably minor) extent.

My reasoning is thus:

  1. men can become feminised if they ingest exogenous female hormones ie as a part of sex reassignment therapy

  2. the amount of oestrogens in urine is minute, you’d have to drink more than 1 glass of urine to see any effect.

  3. if ingested hormones had no effect, women wouldn’t take the pill, so we can safely assume that if you drank large quantities of female urine, you may see some feminising effects.

  4. it has been suggested that widespread use of oral contraceptives has lead to increased oestrogens in rivers and seas, and that this has lead to male fish becoming feminised.

  5. oestrogen secreted by pregnant mares is where the HRT preparation premarin comes from, if pregnant mare urine can ease menopausal symptoms in a human female, it’s safe to say it might feminise a human male.
    But you could drink all the female urine you wanted and not become effeminate.

Even if the hormones do survive digestion, you’d probably have to drink a lot of urine to get enough to make a notable difference.

Any goal that requires you to drink a lot of urine is not worth the trouble, IMO.

Well … they say that anything worth doing is worth the price. If you like it don’t worry about a little feminization. :wink:

Of course, there’d also be the extra bonus of all those health benefits that come from drinking urine. :smiley:

I understand Snapple’s Girl-Pee Tea now comes in “Diet.”

I’ve read that the Pill-generated hormones in our urine may be making fish effeminate in our nation’s waterways.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s swishy fish.

Eating concentrated pregnant mares urine may cause you to develop some female secondary sexual characteristics.

Non-pregnant women have relatively low amounts of estrogen in their urine; enough to be tested for but not enough to be significant if ingested (you’d have to drink a whole hell of a lot).

Pregnant women, on the other hand, do have quite a bit of estrogen in their urine, and a man who drank enough urine from a pregnant female might eventually develop tits.

I would, however, recommend buying the urine in concentrated form. Wyeth-Ayerst sells concentrated pregnant horse urine pills; ask your pharmacist about them.

BTW, pregnancy tests test for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone secreted by the implanted embryonic blastocyst that signals to the body that it is pregnant (thus triggering a large number of systemic changes, most notably including the suspension of menstruation). This hormone is normally absent in a nonpregnant female (although it may be present in a nonpregnant female who has uterine cancer). It’s the presence of this hormone, and not the elevated estrogen levels of pregnancy, that most pregnancy tests test for, in large part because the elevated estrogen levels of pregnancy come much later in the pregnancy, which hCG will be present as soon as implantation occurs.

Does this count? Drinking large amounts make you want to watch Ophra and follow Dr. Phil’s advice.

Is the beverage high or low carb?

Funny, I was going to ask if there would be an effect on the fish if a hypothetically feminized man were to jizz into his aquarium.

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Perhaps, perhaps not. However it definately will make you the most talked-about person in your neighborhood. Does that help? :smiley:

Seeing as how they’re not proteinaceous, and thus not made of amino acids, that’s not a problem.

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Why would it make any difference if the woman was drinking or not? Is there more hormone if she’s swacked?

hCG is also present in the urine of men with testicular cancer, so it’s not exclusively a “female hormone”.

Remember that it is common in some yogic and aurveydic traditions to drink one’s *own *urine. Most people drink the first morning urine, as it’s considered the most concentrated. I haven’t heard of female yogis becoming uber-feminine, although to be fair I don’t know if the practice is common during pregnancy or if they take a break.

So, to sum up:

  1. Drinking a lot of the urine of late-term pregnant women may lead to minor femininization.
  2. But not becuase of any hormone that shows up in a pregnancy test.
  3. Drinking any amount of the urine of non-pregnant women won’t do squat.
  4. It’s easier and more effective to get concentrated pregnant mare urine.
  5. Ask your doctor.
  6. **Surreal **has the most fitting Dopername ever.
    (If the urine is “high carb”, there’s something wrong, like diabetes. Don’t want a lot of sugars in your urine. Stool is where the body deposits undigestible carbs (i.e. fiber), but most carbs are digested. The easy digestion of carbs is exactly why they’re a weight problem.)

I don’t have a dictionary handy; but if ‘effeminate’ means ‘having really bad breath’, then the answer is ‘yes’.

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