Does DVD region code data persist in the HDMI data stream?

I’m shopping around for a projector and noticed something alarming in the spec sheet for the Epson 5010 (Full PDF here:

Here’s the part that puzzled me:

It’s that first item under Input Signal. It suggests that the projector will only display video that came from a Region 1 DVD. In order for that to work, the DVD player would have to include the region lock-out code in the HDMI data stream.

I read through the owner’s manual and there is no mention of this restriction/limitation. This is a pretty big deal and you’d think they would mention it in the user manual.


I’m almost 100% sure it does not. Are there even PAL region 1 DVD’s?

I doubt it, so compatibility with PAL would seem to contradict that first part.

Yep, just confirmed what I thought. It’s not part of the video stream itself. The region code info is stored in one of the DVD’s IFO files, so it’s really purely handled by the playing device and has nothign to do with the video stream. Once commences and leaves that particular device you’re golden.