Does eating Cannabis have any negative side-effects?

I’m curious, because I’ve heard it isn’t a deadly drug, and that its impossible to die from an overdose of smoking it. (correct me if I’m wrong)
Does eating it have negative side-effects?

You still can have the anxiety, paranoia, loss of motivation and confusion that may be experienced when you smoke marijuana if you decide to eat it.

Yes and no …

There is a condition where you ‘green out’ or take too large a dose for your metabolism, it can cause panic attacks, nausea and a few other symptoms. It can be very scarey if you do not know what is going on. It could cause you to need to hit up an ER, if you have a heart condition the panic attack can be dangerous [but then a panic attack of any origin can be dangerous]

It is recommended by those who work in dispensaries in those states in the US where it is decriminalized at the state level, and at coffee houses in Amsterdam that you start with small doses and work your way up gradually - eating something then without waiting for it to kick in you eat more is not a good idea.

[and you can green out by smoking it also]

Just a guess but it probably isn’t good for a few of your organs such as; the liver & pancreas.

There is no medical info available confirming (or even suggesting) this.

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A statute of limitations ago, I was intrigued by a report that if you ingested enough THC, you would experience LSD-like hallucinations.

Consequently, I scarfed down an inadvisable amount of big ol’ home-made hash-oil capsules (like 12) and washed 'em down with a mug of cocoa made with about a quarter-cup of sacred ghee.

Negative consequences: total immobilization for the night, vague but manageable hung-over feeling in the morning.

Incidentally, not LSD-like at all - but some intense geometric closed-eye visualizations.

Raw cannabis can irritate the stomach due to its texture.

It’s worth noting that smoking is bad for your lungs and may lead to lung cancer. While your average pot smoker doesn’t smoke as often as a cigarette smoker, cigarettes have a filter, which helps to reduce the number of carcinogens and tar. Overall, if you are picking between the two, marijuana is probably better (if you only do one joint a day or less, compared to the 1-2 packs a day that cigarette smokers do). But it will take its toll eventually.

On one of my uni courses we spent some time at a hospital toxicology department as part of a clinical toxiology module.

The consultant there told us that Cannabis toxicity is pretty rare, exceedingly nasty, and requires a massive overdose that is only really possible because of the delayed effects when it’s taken orally.

He said that it almost always presents as a result of stupid kids going on holiday to Amsterdam, bringing drugs home, baking brownies using far too much cannabis, and then eating even more when nothing seems to be happening after ten minutes.

But they do see cases, and he described personally seeing patients completely nonfunctional, at a tied down to the bed screaming at hallucinations level, for periods of several days. He also suggested that long term effects were likely in severe cases.

Well, it does taste absolutely awful.

It is my theory that long-term ingestion of pot can cause systemic immunity.
If you ingest it for ten years or so, when you try to smoke it, you won’t get high.
Just sayin.

If you cook it in brownies it will have some positive side-effects.