Does every sentence out of your mouth need to contain the word "fuck?"

Look, I can swear along with the best, and I’m no prude.
But sitting here at the bar listening to two loudmothed douches talking is giving me a headache.

Why does every sentence need to contain the word “fuck?” I’m in my mid-50s. These guys aren’t far behind. This is a public place. Do you really need to say fuck every 30 seconds? What is this need?

Why can’t you just converse like adults? To be honest, one of the last places I worked at suffered from the same affliction.

Just speak normally, please. Well, that’s my rant.


ETA:I’m tough. I’m cool. Look at me!!!

Fuck you

That’s why I sit in the corner at the bar, by the video crack machine. So I don’t have to listen to the douchery.

I can fucking say fuck whenever I fucking feel like it.

Of course, since I am an adult, I don’t really feel like using that word every sentence - that would just devalue it. (And in fact it already has - the word ‘fuck’ was a lot stronger back before the kids back in the 80s beat it to hell and back.)

Fucking Canadians. :smiley:

It continues.

Is fuck so ingrained in our lexicon now that it’s perfectly acceptable to converse like this in public?

I’m sorry. Not for me. There’s no rhyme or reason for this.

“Every fucking door.”
'A fucking Ford truck."
“Showing fucking pictures.”
“Fucking dipshits.”
“A fucking plus.”
“So much fucking shit.”
This is every sentence. Every single one. Why?

Douchers gonna douche. Play some really obnoxious songs on the jukebox and ask the bartender to blast it.

Because the people in question don’t understand how the word works.

The word “fuck”, when not referring to the actual act of copulation, is just an intensifier. That’s why it’s the most versatile word in the english language - you can put it anyfuckingwhere and all it does is say “this thing I’m talking about is more important than other things.”

…which is exactly why you shouldn’t use it in every sentence. As Syndrome says, if every sentence you say is intensified, none of them are.

And if they’re using it so copiously to be cool and edgy, somebody should tell them the '80s are fucking over.

No jukebox, but the background satellite music is good.
Listening to Jimi at the moment.

Yeah, it annoys me too, even though I’m not offended by swearing. And there do seem to be a lot of middle-aged men who do it for some reason.

I find it especially annoying when people just add the word “fuck” to the end of a sentence like punctuation. It almost sounds to me like they’re addressing the person they’re talking to as though the person’s name is Fuck.

Wow, Leaffan, we must have a much greater sense of decorum where I live because I don’t know anyone who includes fuck in every sentence. I can go a week or two talking to other people without hearing it at all.

You might not like this Australian political ad then:

To me it’s slightly annoying when people swear like that, but it’s even more annoying if someone is talking to their therapist on the phone, loudly enough for me to hear all their personal and (formerly) private issues, and of course there’s nothing interesting enough to distract me. Oh wait, it wasn’t the patient talking, but the doctor.

And that’s how it used to be here.

My friends and I don’t use the word in every sentence.

I think people (males) think it makes them hip: it doesn’t.

ETA: That was a response to elfkin477.

OK Dude, have it your way.

Think if it this way, the word “fuck” is an intensifier. So is capitalizing an entire word. Those guys are verbal ALWAYS ON CAPSLOCK types. Annoying, but they’re all over the place and it’s best just to learn how to tune it out.

When I’m in a bar, I like to sprinkler the term generously into my speech. It lets everyone know I’m a tough guy. A real fucking tough guy, and don’t you fucking forget it!!

It is not necessary. But I do it every fucking chance I get.

Fuck yeah, it fucking does.

No, every sentence out of my mouth does not need to contain the word fuck, is that fucking ok? Seriously, I know what you mean though, and agree with you 100%.

Whenever I hear someone talking like that I immediately judge them as someone with a low level education with a limited vocabulary. Since they lack the verbal inventory to express themselves they think “fuck” is an acceptable substitute for everything.
If you’ve ever heard Tommy Lee talk he does that exact thing. He sounds like, and probably is, a complete moron.

That’s going to be my New Year’s resolution this year. Eliminating that word. Might even start earlier without even slipping a little feck in. Of course it took three years of consecutive resolutions to stop yelling at my totally blameless computer at work before I finally stopped. Might take longer than I think.