Does FedEx Have off today?

Does anyone know if FedEx is shipping today?

Dunno, but I was wondering the same thing about UPS.

Fed Ex

I haven’t checked, but IIRC, they should be up and running.

I missed the UPS driver on Friday, and the note on my door said he was coming back today (Monday). However, I live in suburban Philly and we have about 3 feet of snow. Doubt he will show.

I just saw the FedEx truck go by. So I guess the answer is No. They do not have off.

I went to the UPS site before posting… there’s NOTHING on there saying whether or not they’re open today. At least, not that I can find.

(from the UPS website (UPS.Com–>Customer Service -->Days of Operation )

and for FedEx
(did a search for Holidays)

of course if you are in my neck of the woods, I am betting that UPS and FedEx are going a tad bit slower today…

Jim and Lou from UPS were bot here today for their regualr pickups, I didnt get any Fed Ex stuff today.

No, not officially off, but the East Coast blizzard no doubt slowed them down considerably.

Between the airplanes being grounded and the occassional truck sliding off road, I’m sure more than a few packages will be a day late.

What a kawinkadink! Ya, FedEx works today because I got a packet earlier today.