Does flushing a urinal cause dirty water to be spewed around the bathroom?

Cecil wrote a column about how flushing the toilet spews germs. Does the same thing happen with urinals? Is it worse than “splash-back”? I know some guys who flush midstream at a urinal. Are they putting themselves at risk?

hehe, I remember that one. Phrases like “toilet aerosol” DO tend to stick in one’s mind.

I guess the principle would be the same for a urinal. Why not? As far as risk goes, how much risk is there in being exposed to a minute quantity of urine? I’m sure there’s less pee in the air than in the proverbial last drop that always falls in your pants.

OK, I anticipate people objecting, “but i could inhale it!” Well, yeah. I still don’t think it’s a big deal. Unless you are ill, urine is sterile.