Does frozen pee fall from airplanes?

Does frozen pee fall from airplane toilets?

I think it’s illegal for airplanes to dump waste while in flight. Every now and then, however, you hear about “blue ice” falling onto someone’s house, so it does occasionally happen.

Only in bad puns from Spider Robinson books.
The punchline is something like “No matter where you go, you can never be completely safe from an icy BM.”

These days, the valves that dump commercial aircraft waste tanks are only operable on the ground. I suppose a valve could fail in flight, but that’s gotta be pretty rare.

I should qualify my definitive statement above:

As far as I know, the valves that dump commercial aircraft waste tanks are only operable on the ground.
[sub]And how do I know? I’m an aerospace engineer with experience at Boeing and Bombardier. I’m guessing that Airbus and other manufacturers’ aircraft waste tanks operate the same way.[/sub]

Isn’t it true that some airplanes (presumably smaller ones) can dump their wate in case of emergency to lighten their load? (The same reason they can dump their fuel reserves mid-flight?)

Not in my experience.

The tiny quantity of weight lost (compared to the weight of a whole airplane) wouldn’t make a significant difference to the aircraft’s flying qualities or range.

The dentist has me all doped up today, so I apologize in advance for sounding as stupid as I really am.

While in the Army I dropped plastic bags full of vomit, urine, etc out the back door of a chinook helicopter more than once.

But commercial aircraft don’t dump their septic tanks until they’re on the ground.

THAT WAS YOU!? You sonofa…

I’m gonna send you the dry cleaning bill!

A few years ago, our local newspaper reported that a large ball of frozen excrement fell out of an airplane and through the glass roof of a local greenhouse. So it CAN happen!

Back in the day, I worked on the ramp at O’hare in Chicago. One of my jobs was the “Lav Truck.” Ah, memories.

In order to empty the contents of the lavatory you have to remove a safety plug and pull a release handle. So while it’s possible that the release valve and the safety plug (and the little access door, for that matter) to fail, it isn’t likely.

Yes. Haven’t you seen the contrails?

Zombie airplane pee! It takes 11 years to hit the ground.

I think frozen peas are served with the meals.
(Well, Somebody had to say it!)

Of all the people in the world, frozen pee almost hit Martha Stewart?

I believe comedian Robert Klein proposed the term Pissberg to describe these frozen collections of airplane passenger waste.

She’s keeping the ice in her freezer as a “memento”? Ew.