Does Gary Johnson's Presidential announcement hurt Rand Paul?

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is also the CEO of a marijuana corporation, has announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination. Will his candidacy hurt Rand Paul?

No because 1) Rand Paul is a baby-faced loser who never had a chance anyways considering the edgy teenagers and /pol/ now support Sanders and TRUMP respectively and 2) Gary Johnson is also a loser who won’t gain any traction outside of hardcore libertarian circles.

Was Rand actually running for the Libertarian nomination? I don’t think Rand has impressed Libertarians, but I don’t know how well they like Johnson either.

The libertarian vote being split will probably not be a significant factor in this year’s election.

Gary Johnson is a better libertarian candidate than most, having actually been a governor. I certainly support his candidacy and I’ll vote for him if the Republican is someone I can’t support. Now I don’t have to vote for Clinton.

Please go ahead and do that.

I will. I don’t care about throwing elections. If the GOP candidate isn’t worth supporting, he’s not worth supporting. I’d rather Democrats win than see a bad Republican President again.

Elections are like poker. Your hand isn’t always going to be good. It’s not about winning every election it’s about making the most of the ones you do win. If the GOP nominates Trump or Cruz, that’s a time to just fold. The next hand might be better.

I agree with this sentiment, though it’s hard to imagine any candidates working out that I would feel the need to vote third party. I can’t recall an election in which one major party candidate wasn’t way worse than the other (in my opinion), and I will always vote in a way against the likelihood of an unacceptable candidate being elected.

If you vote 3rd party in (for example) a Clinton-Trump matchup, then what you’re saying is that there is little or no difference between them. If you think one is significantly worse than the other, then I think you should vote for the major candidate that is less bad, in my opinion.

Clinton is certainly better than Trump or Cruz, but I would prefer not to have to vote for her. If Johnson is the LP candidate that makes things easy because I’ve always been a big fan of his. It’s not a protest vote, it’s an actual vote of support for a Johnson Presidency. Of course it won’t happen, but it could raise the LP’s profile if they get a lot more votes than usual because of Trump.

Nor any other year’s.

Not unless it comes down to one state and less than .5% of the vote in that state.

Heynow! Johnson won very nearly one whole percent of the popular vote in 2012!
I like Johnson. He’s a badass, a nice guy, and a very smart, driven man. Four years ago I considered him the best LP candidate ever, and I feel the same way now.

But I won’t vote for him.