Does GRB 130427A mark the first time we have witnessed the birth of a black hole?

Maybe, maybe not. But people are very excited at the prospect.

Actually the event happened before life existed on Earth and we only just found out about it, which is even more astounding.

Actually, this event was observed in April. It is certainly not the first black hole formation ever observed. The first Gamma Ray Burst was observed in 1967 by a spy satellite looking for nuclear blasts on Earth. The exciting thing about this event is twofold: 1) it is one of the brightest events on record and 2) it was better observed than any previous large GRB, thanks to automated Earth-based telescopes and amazing satellite instruments like the Fermi observatory.

Actually, I think it’s notable for the high energy of the gamma rays. No one seems to be able explain them with current models.

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