Does Guy Murchie still exist?

Does anyone know anything about the author Guy Murchie who wrote The Seven Mysteries of Life and Music of the Spheres? I read these books a long time ago and always assumed he would be well-known somewhere on earth - and deservedly so. But my internet searches have been largely (and surprisingly) disappointing. Thank you for any answers.

If the link doesn’t work, I got a few hits when I searched at

I have seen most of those. Some of them are a bit strange. But his website’s not there. Nor is whether he’s alive or dead as far as I know. Thank you though, I’ll perserve with them. I thought he’d have the profile of an Andrew Weil, Terrence McKenna, Deepak Chopra etc. That’s obviously untrue.

Look at the following website:

It says that Guy Murchie died on July 8, 1997. I thought Music of the Spheres was a great book, incidentally.

Thank you - at least I know that much. But I still don’t understand how he has such a low profile. I only found out by means of an obscure Czechoslovakian site that another favorite author of mine had died about the same time. He was of Guy Murchie’s ilk and his name was Darryl Reanney. His books were called Death of Forever and Music of the Minds. Thanks again.