Does hair loss happen all over the human body equally?

When one’s hair lessens on the head(thinning and/or receding), does hair all over the body do the same and, if so, does it lessen at the same rate?

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No. If you’re talking about male pattern baldness, that affects scalp hair only. It doesn’t even affect other head hair. Have you ever seen someone with naturally a bald upper lip?:dubious:

There is a notable poem on the subject:

In this vale
Of toil and sin
Your head goes bald
But not your chin
Burma Shave!

No. Cite: my chest.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who hosted a public radio program called Car Talk, used to joke that head hair migrated to one’s ears and noses.

I can only speak to my experience, but I am only loosing hair on the top of my head, the sides of my head still grows fairly thick as does my face and everywhere else.

I can only speak to my experience, but my body hair seems to me to be considerably diminished.

Maybe this works differently in women?

No. Balding is the process of hair migrating from the top of your head to your ears, shoulders, back, and inside your nose. Some of it travels from above your ankles to those places, and your eyebrows as well.

It does. Hair loss in men typically follows a pattern, with a receding hairline and bald patch in the center. Head hair loss in women, which is much less common, generally consists of thinning across the entire scalp.

I have not heard of body hair loss being a common condition in either sex.

If you have alopecia there is some chance you’ll lose all the hair on your body.

Interesting. I had assumed it was menopausal; but, while some sites do seem to refer to it, it may be a more unusual result than I’d thought. Maybe I’ll mention it at my next doctor’s appointment.

Head hair is overall a bit thinner but there’s still a great deal of it there. Eyebrows are fine. Facial hair growth has increased significantly (which is known to happen in some women after menopause.) Leg and armpit hair is a lot less conspicuous than it was, though there’s still some there. I don’t think the change was sharply at menopause, I think it’s been gradual over many years, possibly starting before periods stopped, but I’m not sure about that last. – as most women in current USA culture seem to shave legs and armpits routinely, I wonder whether the symptom is in fact common but is often not noticed?

If hair loss is due to diabetes, it’s different. I’ve lost more than 75% of my body hair, starting with my lower legs. The hair on top of my head is still there, but thinner… and at 73, still dark brown.

I was going to say, if anything, it seems like whatever hair is not growing on my head is just ending up elsewhere. Not that I’ve seen a lot of bald guys shirtless, but they seem to me to be more hirsute, if anything.

The hair on top of my head is all gone; on the side it is still there although possibly thinner. My beard seems as heavy as ever. But the hair on my arms and legs and maybe chest are definitely thinner than they used to be. My wife and I are going through some old photos and were astonished how hairy my arms used to be. It is not a question of them paling out, just thin.

Another curiosity. The remaining hair on my head, the beard and mustache are pure white, not a trace of black, all except my eyebrows. Can’t imagine why.

I’ve mentioned to two doctors that my body hair is less than it used to be. Apparently, it is a known effect of menopause, but is by no means universal, and yes, driven by hormones. But since I’m having zero other symptoms no one seems concerned about it.

Although other reasons for losing body hair exist, from benign (friction with tight-fitting clothes) to pretty damn serious (poor circulation due to things like heart/blood vessel disease or diabetes, as just one example).

The old joke goes:

If a man is going bald from the front, it means he’s a thinker.
If a man is going bald from the center, it means he’s sexy.
When the bald patches from the front and back meet, it’s a man who only thinks he’s sexy.:smiley:

My mother’s two youngest sisters had male pattern baldness. It was quite unsettling to see them in their 70s and 80s with their hairlines receding from their foreheads to somewhere around their ears.

Sadly while the hair on my head has given up the ghost, the hair production in my ears and nose have taken up the slack. Dammit

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No. Cite: my back.

I’m not losing it on my head or anywhere else, and am growing more in my nose and ears. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started growing on my forehead at this point.

My mom said that her leg hair lessened in menopause, but the hair on her head is still thick and healthy 15 years in.