Does her claim of Satanic influence make her less credible?

A woman and her husband kill a man. She gives an interview to the press and says she’s killed more than twenty two people, and she was the leader of a Satanic cult since age thirteen.

I was reading the comments section and due her her claims of Satanism, many people thought she was lying. Also there were implications that those kinds of groups don’t exist.

Ritual killing has existed for a long time and is a well documented phenomenon, so is ritual abuse. While Satanic panic may have served its purpose, did it go too far and erase people’s memories that occult practices are, and have been, a widely practiced religion since forever ago?

Most don’t call theirs Satanism, it’s well hidden under the guise of Temple of Set, for example. I personally have met hundreds and hundreds of occult practitioners and have been to hosted parties in art warehouses, cage dancers and snakes and rituals being performed. I have never seen anything devious, but I’ve heard of sexual rituals and blood rituals etc. These are well educated people. High society. It’s disturbing because most have alternate facebook profiles with their occult names and they don’t have pictures of themselves, but many pics are now showing up with blood dribbling down the lips (uses of sexual imagery and blood) – so call me a liar. Ha. Why do people think the occult is a spook story?

I am not trying to draw a correlation between murder and other occult practices. Most occultists are not murderers. I am merely wondering why people resist the fact that it still goes on, and probably does so in places you’d least expect. Not just kids in basements. Attorneys, secretaries, advertising geeks etc.

The answer to that question is always “yes”.

Less credible? I don’t know. We’ll know if there’s corroborating evidence, which I’m sure the investigators are seeking.

As to whether occult rituals and murder are a significant danger to society: no, I don’t think so. Statistically, violence has been going down pretty steadily for decades, for the most part. Until there’s actually more evidence than some nut’s claims, I’m not going to worry about occult blood rituals any more than I worry about UFO abductions or secret Jewish plots.

Yet, it does happen.

Here’s an eerie coincidence between an ex employee of John Wayne Gacy.

Crazy sauce:

OK, you’re suggesting nutty occult stuff is happening more often then generally reported. I don’t buy it, but that’s OK.

So what do you suggest we do about it?

Until you give us facts, we’ve got nothing to go on but your word. What actual groups are out there capable of doing awful things in the name of Satan(or any other evil entity)? Do you have any evidence tying actual large satanic groups to actual crimes? As far as your implications about the Temple of Set, here is the Wiki article. If you have anything of substance that differs from that article, I would like to see it.

No, I wasn’t trying to imply people should be afraid of it. Nor was I saying there is any threat from the practicing occultists out there. Just more so that it exists as a phenomenon and shouldn’t be dismissed without a proper investigation.

I’ve worked with several patients who claimed SRA, and since the Satanic Panic movement, people believe them less. One, a very nice lady who never wants any attention and won’t share details, but comes into the hospital on ritual holidays because she needs support during those days. I feel sorry for her that no one believes her, it’s like if it really happened, what a huge slap in the face for her not to be supported or believed.

Again, I’m not saying it’s widespread, but it does sometimes happen.

Concede the first, question the second.

How many cases of genuine “ritual killing” are documented in recent decades? Separated, as much as possible, from plain murder in dress-up and violent (but not belief-based) activities resulting in death?

At the height of the hysteria around 1995, there were people claiming that thousands of people were satanically slain every year, many of them babies birthed for the purpose. IIRC, serious investigation reduced that to a handful of questionable cases.

Maybe there are killers like this woman who kill and make a thrill-game out of it, but even that would seem to be rare, and anything like genuine “ritual killing” rarer yet.

I’d say she’s just a deranged media whore.

You are the one that brought up groups like the Temple of Set-where is there any evidence that they are capable of anything like what you insinuate satanic groups might be behind? Have you got anything besides rumor to support your innuendo?

No, the people I know are not dangerous. Just weird as heck. I’m not making a correlation from murder to other occult practices in today’s society, but the practice of ritual magic is larger than I knew about. I was surprised.

The practice of ritual murder is perishing, thank goodness. But this concept is not new. I’m just wondering why people would dismiss it as a possibility altogether since it has been a part of human history - and in some cultures, a huge, huge part.

hundreds and hundreds?

Occult practices, yes. Satanism, not before the 1960s, when LaVey founded the Church of Satan. The Temple of Set was founded in 1975. Whatever all those “witches” burnt or hanged in European history might have been, they were not really Satanists as the Church believed.

People who are schizophrenic do sometimes kill people, and they might think they have killed a lot more than they have. Cred is not this killer’s strong suit.

Nobody called you a liar…but it would be nice if you could back up what could only be described as nasty innuendo. If you didn’t mean to tie such groups to such crimes, I’m certain you wouldn’t have mentioned them in the same paragraph.

No one has to report on their occult beliefs. Haha, nothing to do there. I was merely saying that nutty occult practitioners are very private about it. But as for human behavior, I would lump that all together on a scale of general occultism (still happening in the US as an organized religion) to the rare and far reaching psychopath who latches on to some sick occult practice to an extreme, and commits murder. Rare yes, but very plausible to happen at some time or another even in todays age. :slight_smile:

Because those cultures are dead, and have been dead a very long time. And because falsely claiming such things is a standard tactic of people who wish to whip up paranoia or hatred. The Blood Libel for example.

I wonder, when she became leader of the satanic cult at 13, if her parents drove her to the meetings for the next 3 years…
When you think about the numbers she claims, the age range she was in, and probably lots more of logistics and practical considerations, this seems pretty damn far-fetched.

Yeah, that’s just it. I don’t think anyone doubts that the occasional thrill killer has brought some Satanic BS into their thrill killing, or has owned a Satanic Bible–which does not advocate murder, BTW. Nor does anyone doubt that Anton LaVey exists, or that there are parties where goths play dress-up and make believe. What people do doubt, and rightly so, is that there are large scale murderous Satanic cults engaged in numerous ritual murders.

As far as the woman in the OP goes, she seems crazy. The cops should investigate her story of course, but my hunch is she has not killed as many people as she is claiming, though she may have killed more than one. Even if she has killed a large number of people, this isn’t any more meaningful than “crazy killer kills people.” It doesn’t point to some large malevolent satanic organization.

Well on a spectrum, I was hoping to use my experience to point out that occultism is indeed still practiced today in an organized fashion. Most of it is harmless, but, like with any religion, there is the possibility that some psychopath would get a hold of some more darker literature on magic, and use it as a part of their wish to experience power through murder.

It’s like any religion, really. I know I never knew about radical islam and the writings they have to support it. I know that they’ve twisted them and such, but that’s what happened.

I’m more so wondering why no one believes that anyone practices the occult anymore.