does hiring manager checks all your transcripts from all your school youve attended?

does hiring manager checks all your transcripts from different school youve attended or only in your grad school? well we all know that transcript from your grad school have all the info or subject that you have enrolled in the different unviersities but do hiring manager checks all the school list in your transcript? specially when your applying in engineering field??:confused:

It surely varies from employer to employer and depends on the job, but I doubt most employers bother with getting any school transcripts. In all the jobs I’ve had no one has requested my transcripts as far as I’m aware.

From the way you wrote your question, I assume you aren’t a native English speaker but are interested in working in the U.S. That is just a guess though.

Check all transcripts? No, almost never in the U.S. They don’t usually check grad school transcripts either unless you are applying for something really specific. They may ask you to give your grade point average but even that isn’t universal and not very relevant after you have gotten your first job. The most employees check for is usually just that you completed the degree you said you did during the dates you claimed but they mainly look at work history after that.

I imagine it varies quite a bit by employer and type of work. Interestingly, I’m just an IT guy, not an instructor, but I work for a university*. When I was offered the job, I had to provide transcripts for the highest level of education I claimed on my resume (i.e., in my case, I had to provide grad school transcripts, but not undergrad.)

I was asked for both graduate and undergraduate transcipts as part of the application process when I applied for an IT job with the federal government a couple months ago. There, they required them as part of the initial application.

*For another 2 hours. I start work with a financial services company on Monday. They did not ask for transcripts

For me, the first job out of school was the only one that ever asked for a transript.

We had someone go through three interviews at my work, after passing all three, he was offered the position contingent on a background check. He failed the background check because he claimed that he graduated college but he was one credit shy. He is now barred from applying for a job at my (fortune 100) company ever again.

The farther back the schooling is, the less it matters. If you graduated ten years ago, they care about your work experience, not your grades. If you graduated from college, they don’t care about what you did in high school.

another question… do they check every subjects in the transcript that you take in that school or do they only ask if you really enrolled in that school? thanks to all… yes shags im not really good at english and hopefully get a job at the us in engineering field…

The only job I’ve ever applied for which required a copy of my college transcript was one at a (state) University.

In my case, I once almost did not get a job offer because they did check the transcript, and the registrar’s office (incorrectly) said that I had not graduated from that school. I found this out when i called back to check with the interviewer a few days later.

I called the registrar in a panic, and asked to speak to a supervisor. They were very nice about it, and sent some kind of official letter to the prospective employer via registered mail (after calling them directly themselves). The employer in question wound up making me a job offer, although I did not end up working there.


yes i know but what i mean is if your a transfer student from different universities do they care to check all the universities listed in your grad school transcrip?t…

It is rare to ask for your full transcript. But it is common for employers to check with the school you claimed to graduate from, to see if you actually graduated. And even then very few actually care about your degree or school unless it was particularly prestigious, they just want to make sure you’re not a liar.

No. Fortunately for you, most employers do not check or verify (or even request to see) college transcripts.

However, here’s a little tip: Do not apply for any writing or editing jobs. Stick to what you know. :wink:

I haven’t hired engineers in quite some time, but when I was hiring people straight out of school, all I cared about was the school they actually graduated from.

If you have an undergraduate degree from University of Mumbai, a masters from University of Taipei, started your Ph.D. at MIT, and finished it at Harvard, the only school I’d call would be Harvard.

And the reason for that is, when you enter the PhD program at Harvard, Harvard gets your transcripts from your other schools.

So employers expect the universities to do the academic screening. If your transcript was good enough for the school you graduated from it’s good enough for the employer.

We had a minister at our church, a senior pastor, lie about finishing a degree. Which was odd, because it’s easy to check and there was no advantage – no extra pay or “weight” to their qualifications. As soon as we found out, we started digging and found other minor falsehoods (strange little “I have no real need to lie about this, but I will just because I can’t tell the truth” type issues) … and they resigned.

In my experience, the higher education you claim, the more likely some companies are going to check your transcript.

I worked for one company that became rightly suspicious of a senior manager who was pushing for a directorship. So they checked his background. He was fired. They then checked the background of all their managers and another one was let go for lying on the resume.

However, if you graduated from a non-U.S. university, they may want to check your transcripts to make sure the classes you took for your degree would be equivalent to what they’d expect from a U.S. university.

I’m glad that I work in a field (Advertising Design) where no one cares about what degree you have, let alone your grades. I hired a lot of designers: some had BAs, some MFAs or MBAs, even a PhD (no, we didn’t have to call him Doctor).

Our lead designer had an Associates Degree in Graphics from a tech school in the corn belt. I have a BS in Biology.

All we cared about is What can you DO?

I really must slow down and read more carefully. I thought you said he was pushing for a dictatorship. Well, of course they fired him! :wink: