Does it make a difference if you report a litterbug?

When I was driving on a beautiful scenic road, the guy in the car in front of me threw a whole bunch of garbage out of his window. Instead of going on a rant in the pit, I would rather see him get a ticket. But if I called the non-emergency police number, would they be able to do anything? Would the officer have to see the offense take place herself? The jurisdiction is Florida, but I would like to know about any state policies you can dig up.

So if you don’t, who will?

Why not send an email or place a call to the Florida State Patrol (or equivalent)? While the specific circumstance you describe may not resort to anything of your liking, perhaps they do take it seriously enough to warrant an invesigation.

I’ve wondered the same thing; when I feel like tossing a napkin out the window I get all paranoid thinking anyone who sees me is going to call the cops and in 30 seconds I’ll see flashing lights in my mirror. Then just a few days ago I saw some other guy toss some garbage right in front of me and realized:

A) No, I’m not going to do anything… because
B) I doubt the cops would or could do anything themselves.

We have a house in a not so good part of town. It’s been burglerized twice in the past decade or so, had shady characters snooping around the greenhouse late at night every summer, and recently had the wooden garbage bin set ablaze. The cops basically write a report (supposedly) and tell us to go away until the next time it happens… It seems in big towns that even big(ger) crimes like those are just nuissance calls compared to the serious ones. In my town I think I’d have the police hang up on me if I wanted them to send someone out to nab a one-time litterbug.

Small town of 500? Might be worthwhile. Big town of 800,000? Don’t waste your time.