Does KMart still run Blue Light Specials?

They shut down the KMart here in York and I am not sure I went that often anyway, but in my youth Blue Light Specials were common.

Do they still do that?

From the Wikipedia article on Kmart.

From time to time (example: 2005), the term blue light is used for special discounts, but the old strobes are no longer part of the promotion. They may be used by individual stores for all I know, since the equipment is probably still around.

Sounds just a little bit creepy.

Heil blue light!

What is this Kmart you speak of?

The last time I was in a Kmart (2002 or so?) they were using little blue-light stickers on various shelves and products.

The “Blue Light Special” is a bit of a legend in my family. I have an uncle who would hang out at K-mart, happily filling up a cart with whatever the Blue Light Special happened to be.