Does lotion go bad?

My mom had this bottle of lotion that she kept by the kitchen sink that stung like the bejeebers when you used it (so I didn’t.) I asked her why she didn’t throw it out, and she said something about it having been expensive, and the sting not being all that bad. (I disagree!)

I’ve had a few bottles of lotion that also caused stinginess. They were all small sample-size bottles, and I was never really sure how much of the lotion I’d used before, so I always assumed that there was something in the formulation that disagreed with me, and threw them out.

But today I put on some lotion that I know has been fine in the past, and it stung. It felt a bit granular, too. Strangely enough, it’s yet another small bottle, which I ripped off from the Four Points Sheraton in St. Paul so it’s at least two years old.

I followed it up with some Vaseline Intensive Care, which soothed the pain a bit.

So, what, am I nuts? Does lotion go bad? If so, why don’t they put expiration dates on it?

Oh yeah, cosmetics can expire. They are crammed with preservatives, but OTOH they can reamin unsold in the shop quite a while before you buy them, so you have to detract a few months from the time given below. Also, opened cosmetics typically are kept in moist and warm surroundings such as a bathroom. That makes them go bad faster.

Link to expiration dates of cosmetics and things like ketchup…