Does meditation "cure" homosexuality?

A quick google search showed me a few pages that claim that it did (well sexuality in general to be honest) and having tried it for myself it did work for a while afterwards. Wondering if anyone else has thoughts on this.

Define cure. Do you mean it suppresses all sex drive in all sexual orientations, or it makes people with gay sexual urges have heterosexual sexual urges?

Either way, in before the lock.

Why would you want to “cure” sexuality?

When did you get the horrible news that you had been struck down by the horrid disease of Sexuality?

I believe medication cures posting ridiculous questions to message boards.

Homosexuality is not a disease.

Offensive question.

Dude, this thread is out there, and over the line, even for you.

I assume you’re getting professional help. Do what they tell you, and take what they tell you.