Does Metabolife 356 really work?

A few of my friends have taken it and they claim that it really does help them lose weight. Is this stuff for real or is it just a fad? Also, if it does work can someone explain how it accomplishes this task?

It worked for me - I lost 30 pounds while taking the stuff. It worked slowly, but was great, and I haven’t re-gained any of the weight I lost - have now been off it for 3 months.

I would take it again as a kick-start of a diet, or when my weight hit a plateau - but it is pretty expensive to take on a continuing basis.

Yes, maybe.

I ran across it after talking with of couple of buddies (who don’t know each other) that I hadn’t seen in a while (I relocated several states away about 2 years ago) who had both dropped more than 40 pounds. When I asked what did the trick, both told me it was Metabolife.

I’m a real cynic and would normally laugh at something like this, but when TWO of my friends had the same story, I decided to check it out. Both of them claimed that they did nothing different except take the pills.

What changes did they see? Loss of appetite.

I’m a big boy and ‘loss of appetite’ is a foreign notion to me, but what the hey - I’ll give it a shot.

The friend that I trust the most to be a straight shooter told me that he didn’t take anywhere near the recommended dosage (2 with each meal, max of 8 per day). He said he took 2 in morning and that was all. So, when I started taking them - New Years - I followed his lead.

Darned if he wasn’t right. The first week I hardly ate at all. I constantly felt bloated. After that, I started to get used to it, but still couldn’t eat lunch. When I realized that I wasn’t eating lunch, but always eating dinner, I changed to taking the same 2 pills per day right AFTER lunch. This way, I’ve got all day for my gut to chew on my lunch, and I’m not hungry at dinner time.

The result: I’m down 32 pounds since Jan 1.

Now for the maybe part…

I started this as a New Years resolution, right? Right. So I also started trying to be more conscious about going to the gym. Now, I look at myself everyday and it’s hard to tell if you’re changing over a short period of time. But, several people asked me if I was losing weight so I went out and bought a scale. Sure enough, I was down a few.

This worked as a motivator to keep me going to the gym and playing racquetball a lot more often. But I’m also still taking the Metabolife.

I’ve still got more weight to lose, but I can really see it working now.

I’m not sure what you should take away from this little story, except that I’ve had a good experience so far and I intend to continue.


Was me, I’d do some more research.

Duck Duck Goose makes a good point. If you are taking a product that contains ephedrine you should know two things. One, it can seizures, strokes, and death. Two, it’s may not be available much longer.

The FDA wants to ban epedrine and ephedra. Even if they don’t, the huge lawsuits will probably bankrupt the companies selling it. Here is a story about a woman being awarded $13.3 million:

According to this article, “since 1994, companies that make these products have settled about 36 personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits involving the supplements.”

Here’s another story, which cautions that “ephedra should not be taken by anyone who is pregnant or has a history of heart disease, stroke, psychiatric disorders, asthma, thyroid or kidney disease, diabetes or prior seizures.”

Oh, and if you still want to do this stuff after reading the previously posted links, don’t waste your money on Metabolife. You can get virtually the same stuff for $6 for a bottle of 60 at many convenience stores. The company that makes it is called Max Brand, but I’ll be damned if I can remember the product name. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, though. Every Texaco gas station I’ve ever been to sells the stuff.

I’ve never dieted before, but I have taken ephedrine to help me stay awake (virtually all weight-loss drugs [except the “oily discharge” one] are stimulants). So yes, it does suppress your appetite - so do cocaine and crystal meth. In fact, ephedrine is used to make crystal meth! Yikes! If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is!

Ah, it came to me:

Max Brand Two Way tablets.

No idea why they chose such a bizarre name.

What annoys me is the “all natural” label on some products like that. As if that means that the stuff is as harmless as eating lettuce, a gift from wise old mother nature to the fat and suffering masses, rather than some nasty old “chemical”. Foxglove and belladonna are “all natural” too, and I wouldn’t reccomend munching on them indiscriminantly. It’s still freaking ephedrine, whether a plant made it or it was extracted or synthesized. And ephedrine is something you should be a little bit wary about using for very long.

Thanks for the info. I will definitely do more research on the subject.