Does Michael Jackson have to......

…continuously use that stuff that makes his skin lighter colored, and what is that shit?



Michael Jackson has a skin condition called vitiligo which causes blotchy depigmentation of the skin. He must use foundation makeup to cover the white patches and create an even skin tone.

i heard (and believe) he didnt like being black & he bleaches his skin.

I’ve seen black people with vitiglio. One store clerk had it so bad that half his face was a chocolate brown and the other half was as light as my Caucasian skin. I’ve also heard that Jackson bleached his skin because he thought he’d be a bigger star if he were white. It’s probably some combination of both reasons.

Be that as it may, it remains that Mr. Pedophile must use some kind of chemical or cosmetic on his skin. I don’t know of anything short of a tattoo that will permanently change skin tone, so I’m guessing that he bleaches his skin and must keep doing so.

And what’s the name of the disease that made most of his nose disapear? :stuck_out_tongue: