Does "modern" Superman have heat vision?

According to wikipedia, ( Superman was, as of the 1960s, depicted as having “infrared vision”. Do modern depictions of him also show this? I ask because my sister is trying to explain infrared vision in some insects to kids using a Superman analogy, and she wanted to make sure she got the comic-book reference right. :smiley:


In reference to Superman, at least, “heat vision” usually refers to the ability to project heat rays from the eyes (why, no, it doesn’t make sense). He does, however, also have the ability to see infrared light, at least in some stories.

Rarely is it referred to as a separate power any longer; it’s generally spoken of as a particular-aspect of super-vision, which includes telescopic vision, microscopic vision, see-through-vision, and the ability to see all sorts of EM radiation.

Thanks, guys!