Does Obama still smoke?

I recall that during the primary campaign the story was that he quit and then later in the campaign there was a story that he had started again just a little.

That’s beena couple of months ago and I haven’t heard anything since.

Anybody know?

Smoke what?

He was a Marlboro man, Ludovic, Marboro Reds.

Major props to the guy if he was able to quit during these past few months. Talk about stress!

To the extent that there is a factual answer to this, I think it’s “no”. That’s his official stance, and unless someone’s got a picture of him smoking, we should take him at his word.

Actually, to the extent that there is a factual answer to this, I think it is “yes”.


Are you saying it depends on the meaning of the word “smoke”?

Shodan’s link is what I had seen most recently. Apparently he quit to run for President but admitted to having fallen off the wagon a few times… the last being “months” before that story was written on 6/10/08.

I’ve been seeing this photo for months and assuming it’s fake (it usually has the caption “Obama’s a bad mutha–” “shut yo mouth!”) A little search shows that Wonkette apparently has/had a reward for anyone who gets a photo of him smoking, but they also display this image without saying anything about whether it’s fake or not.

Sooo, reckon it’s fake??

If Obama smoked regularly and continued to do so throughout his campaign and while he was in office, I would vote for him. Because it would take major balls to do that.

Who fucking cares?

As far as we know, he currently does not smoke. His admission to having fallen off the wagon a few times several months ago does not amount to proof that he smokes *now[/i or even that he did it on any regular basis then. His campaign has said that he chews the gum.

Obama smokes(ed)?! I’m liking him more already!

Nobody likes a quitter! :smiley:

Uh, apparently enough people care that a thread was started on it, people posted in it, not to mention that it gets written about in the news and on blogs including a major political website.

Your post is threadshitting.

Ok, why? Why do people care? What possible difference does it make?

Are you serious?

Smoking is a polarizing issue. There are people who want to see it banned completely, and others who think you should be able to smoke freely wherever you want. Some of us condemn it vigorously for the health risks, while others speak defiantly of their enjoyment of cigarettes. Some people think it’s a sign of weakness and vulnerability (obviously, important things to consider when you’re talking about a presidential candidate.) Others would say that a president who smokes is providing a poor role model for children.

I hope that answers your question.

No, it doesn’t. I think it’s completely irrelevant whether Obama smokes or not. But I’ll bow out of this thread.

OK, YOU think it doesn’t matter, that’s fine. I feel the same way. What I’m trying to do is explain why other people might care about it, for various reasons. You’re being unnecessarily hard-headed here.

Maybe I am. That’s why I’m leaving this thread. Also, I forgot what forum this was. I suppose it is a factual question, albeit (IMO) a very trivial one.

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I think that question would be IMHO, or MPSIMS. Take it there.

No. I’m saying that it’s impossible to know for sure.

Actually, your link does not verify that. It just says he fell off the wagon a few times months ago.