Does OJ Simpson Have Internet Access?

Just wondering-does Nevada Law allow for high-profile cons like Simpson to get special perks (ala “Goodfellas”).
It would be interesting to see the Juice waxing philosphical, as death in jail looms.
Could he be allowed Internet time?

I remember that back in 1994, his email address was given as slash slash backslash slash slash backslash escape.

He can send emails to people on his approved list and they are all read and censored. Same for all prisoners.

coremelt, OJ is a state and not a Federal prisoner. I don’t see anything on the Nevada Department of Corrections website, but I’ve emailed them and will post their reply, if any, here.

The NDOC is an admirably efficient if terse organization. Their same-day response to my email was, in its entirety, “Our inmates do not have computer access.”

Thanks-I guess we’ll never get OJ’s thoughts on life, guilt and innocence, mortality, etc.!

There’s not enough golf clap in the world for this. Well played!