Does Pacific Gardens Missions still excist?

I still remember the old radio shows I use to listen to back in the 1990’s.

Is the mission still around? Has anyone been there? Does anyone remember it?

Indeed they do. They were still near the corner of Balbo & State when I was living in Chicago (2001–2008), though I seem to recall hearing that they were asked/forced to move to a new location since then.

ETA: Wikipedia says that they moved in 2007.

New location is at 14th & Canal. The cross-shaped sign moved with them, I presume Unshackled did too.

Ah yes! The Pacific Gardens. I stayed there a few times when I was a sailor stationed at Great Lakes and missed the last train back to the base. They’d put you up for the night for free and feed you breakfast in the morning. Then they’d send your folks back home a postcard telling them that you were safe and sound and they were praying for you. I wish them well.

I was gonna say that someone is sure broadcasting “Unshackled”!

Did part of the sound system for the old place, so I’m sorry to learn it’s gone. Even a heathen like me enjoys an occasional dose of “Unshackled,” which is good because WMBI’s transmitter is close enough I can practically hear it on the brain implant the aliens left.