Does Pilates really work?

I’ve been doing Tae-bo for years now and want to try something new. I’ve been thinking about Pilates but have not heard if it’s really a good work-out or if it’s just an add-on type of work out or what.

Is it more like Yoga or can you use it instead of a regular high-pace workout?

It’s kinda like Yoga but with “moving” stretches instead of static ones. It will definitely challenge you … but in ways of strength and flexibility, not aerobically.

If you are looking for it to replace your cardio workout, it won’t. However it would be an excellent addition to your workout program.

You might "drop in " to a couple of classes and try it.

Pilates won’t replace your cardio workout, but can be substituted for one of your strength-training workouts. Pilates does build muscle, which increases your metabolism. It also creates a long, lean muscle line instead of shorter, bulkier muscles. In addition to all of this, it helps with balance and flexibility, and can be done at a variety of ability levels.

Keep us posted, huh?

Pilates is good for flexibility and balance, but it’s not as good as weight training for strength, so don’t use it as a substitute for strength training. Flexibility is important, especially if you’re doing strength training, so in that respect, Pilates is a good choice.

I’m still waiting for a physiological explanation of how a muscle can change length (it can’t), so don’t fall for that line.

Rather than continue, I’ll direct you to some thoughts on the subject by the late, great Dr. Mel Siff.

Thanks for that link ultrafilter. I think I might just try the beginners version. I saw one at Costco for $9.99. I’m definatley not paying 3 payments of $39 or whatever they charge in the infomercial. Thanks for everyone’s input.

I’ve taken a class with a certified instructor since June and it works. I think it helped to take yoga first, though. Some of the ideas, principles and goals are similar, as well as the terminology. We do an hour of mat work, take a break, then move on to the Allegro Reformer, or the TheraBands, or the Altus balls.
I was sore sometimes in the abdomen or thighs at first (though never for very long), but not for a long time now. Then again, I was sore for the first two weeks of yoga.
My instructor is a dance teacher who had been in terrible pain until he started Pilates (which he had, at first, pooh-poohed). Now, obviously, he’s a believer. No more Vicodin fixes for him. He even lost a good chunk of weight.

Sorry, didn’t mean to launch a whole testimonial. :wink:

Just a couple of notes:

Go ahead and support your neck with hand or pillow whenever you need to.

Don’t go too fast through the lessons.

You ought to see my thighs. No, I’m not posting a pic. :smiley: