Does playing sound files suck up Windows memory?

My boss is convinced that playing CDs through WinAmp contributes noticeably to the computer crashing. Considering that this machine has over 300 megs of RAM, is that possible?

On most computers, playing CD audio barely even involves the computer. The CD player sends the audio directly to the sound card, which throws it into it’s mixer chip and right out to the speakers. The processor doesn’t even need to touch the data. You can play CD’s on a 286 with 1 M RAM. You don’t even need Windows!

OTOH, this is perhaps too logical. So you could try using the built-in CD player in Windows. For CD’s, it should suffice, and using stuff that came from Microsoft tends to shut bosses up.

Thanks. I emailed the essence of that to the boss. That should close that subject.

also to be quick, system resources is not just memory.