Does Skunk spray keep fleas away?

I have a dog, Cycilia, who got sprayed by a skunk a few months ago. We washed her in tomato juice, but her bedding still stank* (thank goodness she’s an outside pup). The smell of the bedding has lessened so that you can only smell it if you stick your face into it. Ever since then, we haven’t noticed any fleas on her. None at all. Is this because of the skunk?

*(and no, she doesn’t have to sleep in a stinky bed. She usually sleeps in the crawl space under the house, warm and dry.)

Well, insects definitely have a sense of smell (in their “olfactory sensilla” in their antennae), so maybe you’re on to something. Skunk Flea Repellent? Call it Frankly, My Dear[sup]R[/sup], For Pet Owners Who Don’t Give A Damn…

Test-market a batch, why doncha, and get back to us…


use your search engine for 'pet skunk sites".

If they have a flea control section, the answer is 'no".