Does Sugar ruin your cells?

I heard a medical report on one of the television stations from this man who is said to be a longevity expert. He was talking to an audience of well-dressed middle-aged women and they were clapping. He is a very famous doctor or something but didn’t have a very welcoming personality. Be that as it may, he exclaimed that when you eat sugar it immediately sends a piercing arrow into your cells. He actually said this and it was on PBS! Then you cell has to recover from this. I didn’t want to listen any more but I sort of got the vague idea that this was only one of the manny things that causes you to age. Does sugar stab into your cells? I don’t believe it but what do you suppose he meant?
signed Waiting For Answer Before Eating My Butterfinger Bar
P.S. When is the government going to do something about A) stupid health news reports of the latest findings on radio and television that don’t tell the whole story and just frighten the naive, and
B) pretentious lecturers who stride around on stage harranging paying audiences about how they can improve their lives. The government or somebody should suggest that one improvement would be to stop going to seminars.
signed There Ought to be a Law

Eat the damned butterfingers bar!

Sugar is just fuel, the body requires it. Granted, it can’t be turned into much else besides energy, but it’s still necessary. Insulin makes the cells take the sugar out of the blood.

And sugar is no better or worse that the same caloric amount of rice or bread or potatos, they are just as likely to give you diabetes if you overeat too much too long as sugar is. Excess is bad, not the substance itself.

Otherwise I don’t know what the guy you describe was trying to say.


Qadgop, for some reason I thought I’d heard it was an urban legend that too much sugar caused diabetes… Am I wrong?

A diet too high in carbohydrates, with not enough exercise, combined with excessive obesity is contributory to diabetes. It matters not whether the extra calories come from sugar, or carrots or rice. Excess carbs, combined with lack of exercise and too much adipose tissue formation (fat) are the problems. And don’t go eating a ton of fat instead, thinking to avoid it that way, cuz you’ll still get fat and sedentary, and get DM that way.