Does The Bride Sit Around In Her Underwear?

I was talking to a guy I know and he is a sales manager at a hotel. He handles mostly weddings but also does kosher functions and such. Most of the wedding happen at the hotel with the reception. Or one of two churches across the street and the reception at the hotel.

Anyway he is straight and today he says “Yeah my job is great, last weekend I had this really hot bride and I go to see how everything is before the wedding starts and she invites me in and of course all the brides think I’m gay so they ask me in and they are always sitting around in their underwear. And all the other women are in their underwear too.”

So I was like “yeah right.”

And he says “No kidding, it happens all the time, women think a catering manager for weddings MUST be gay, so they don’t care and I get to see the brides and the whole bridal party in their underwear.”

Now I’m thinking “Do women REALLY sit around in their underwear???” I guess I could POSSIBLY see the bride if she didn’t want to wrinkle the dress, but well…

Ladies from experience is this true?

Nope. When I was a bridesmaid, we sat around in jeans or sweats, and button down shirts (so we could take them off without messing up the hair) until it was time to put on the dresses. And we were in a private home, not a hotel.

Yes. Of course. There’s a world-wide network of brides who communicate with each other and discuss appropriate apparel for the hotel ubiquitous sales guy.

They meet regularly and discuss wardrobe options. At the last meeting, held in Wapello, Iowa the decision was to wear panties and bra only when answering the hotel room door. This contradicts last year’s memo from Lumsden, Saskatchewan that states that nylons and a cardigan are the appropriate attire, but times change.

I knew it!