Does the clitoris have a subalbugineal layer/full erection capacity?

This French study by Di Marino and Lepidi claims it does, however I had trouble finding anyone who sourced their work, so I’m not sure if it’s peer reviewed.

The current thought is that the clitoris does not get fully erect in a way a penis does, but they claim to have found the opposite and have the pictures to prove it. I know nothing about interpreting histology so I can’t say if their pics back up their claims or not.

I will say I’ve seen photos of metoidoplasties (don’t ask, I was just curious one day :smiley: ) and while they definitely look penis-like, they weren’t exactly totally convincing either.

If I’m reading it right, the claim rests on Figure 6.4, which was not included in the preview. So, can’t tell.

It’s there, just a few pages down.

Pages 61-62 are skipped in the preview, and the figures skip from 6.3 to 6.5.

Eh, it’s not like you were reading it for the pictures, anyway, right?