Does the Moral Majority Still Exist?

I was wondering of the group known as the “Moral Majority” still exists, or are they the silent majority? I don’t know if they were behind this, but ever since Dan “Quack” Qualye verbally attacked “Murphy Brown” and all American single mothers…did America have enough? - Jinx

That’s Quayle, not Qualye…and potato, not potatoe! :wink: - Jinx

I believe the Moral Majority was not a card-carrying entity. Although some people lined up behind Danny Boy back then, it was a catch-all phrase to pretend to be speaking for the average American.

Quayle’s less than stellar run for the Presidency seemed to prove the Moral Majority - if it ever existed at all - went the way of high button shoes and leisure suits.

Jerry Falwell’s organization, Moral Majority, closed up shop in 1989, claiming to have “accomplished” his mission – a rather dubious claim indeed. Here’s a quick blurb about it, from a source not very sympathetic to Falwell.

Jerry Falwell founded Moral Majority, Inc. in 1979. He stated in June '89 that “our mission is accomplished,” and Moral Majority, Inc. ceased all functions shortly thereafter.

The Moral Majority, which was neither, has folded. Other groups are carrying on the same lobbying and campaigning functions as before. Major players from the MM (such as Cal Thomas, Ralph Reed, and Falwell) are still out there rousing the rabble. Polititians still cozy up to the money and the threat of grassroots influence. Unfortunately.