Does the name Ouida Wildman ring any bells?

I ran into this name recently while doing some research and I thought, “Oh! Ouida Wildman…been awhile since I’ve heard of her.”

Then I started wondering where I had heard of her. I thought there was a movie connection (and the piece of research I unearthed seemed to support that). I looked her up on IMdB. She was in ONE movie. Apparently a very bad one, with Stan Laurel.

So now I’m back wondering how I knew this name. Anybody heard of her? Did she maybe marry somebody famous?

There was a popular 19th-century English novelist named Maria Louise Ramé who wrote under the single name Ouida. She was mentioned in passing in Joyce’s Ulysses, I recall.

Could that be who you’re thinking of?

That’s not who I’m thinking of. But it’s not a very common name. It seems like it should be easier.

The Ouida Wildman I’m thinking of was in one movie (according to IMdB) in 1924. For some reason I am picturing a somewhat more successful career, but I don’t know why, and I can’t connect to why I know that name.

Did she also go by the name Ruby Begonia?

That don’t strike a familiar note, Eve. Ouida Wildman do, though.