Does the phrase "power crisis" mean nothing to you?

You there, how about the phrase “rolling blackouts”?

I know, I know, you just have to keep the door to your store open all day, in 100 degree heat, because gods know no one in the city can open it all by themselves. I mean, who cares if the air-conditioning is working so hard that you have a five foot event horizon on the sidewalk? No one would dare enter Victoria’s Secret, or the Body Shop, or The Cheesecake Factory if they had to open the door.

And you, the people who run my office. Sure the temperature outside keeps going up; it tends to do that in the summer. Is that a good reason to turn the AC on full blast, even though we’re all freezing in here? Please don’t prop the doors open either. It really doesn’t help anything.

Aah, Disneyland. I always knew you weren’t as socially responsible as you pretend to be. The world has suffered without the Electrical Parade for how many years? So you decide to bring it back during one of the worst summers on record, power-wise. Is that a good idea?

Our local power company has stated that we can expect rolling blackouts in the hundreds this summer. I work with small, easily startled children in windowless rooms. Absolute dark = bad.

If your narrow-minded stupidity is responsible for even one screaming child in my presence I will think seriously about reporting you to our local power-cops.

Aah, the power crisis. One thing I won’t miss about California.

Dude, send some freezing air this way. Our house in San Jose is hotter n’ Hades. I go outside when it’s 100 degrees to cool off, cuz it’s hotter in here!

Really? What’s the nature of your job?

I just moved to California 2 months ago. I got my first utility bill for the entire month and it was a grand total of $17.00 and change. I have a small one-bedroom apartment and no air conditioning, and I don’t use much electricity during the day. There has only been one power outage since I’ve moved here. So I guess for me there is no power crisis…no complaints so far and it’s the middle of the summer.

That’s funny… I don’t recall many rolling blackouts for the past month or two.


I thought Disney provided their own power?


No, Disneyland gets their power from Anaheim.

However, Anaheim owns its own power production and is somewhat protected from rolling blackouts (though, apparently, not 100% protected).

Disney World, however, has the legal ability to build their own power plant. In fact, the deal they negotiated with Florida way back when lets them build a nuclear power plant if they so desire.