Does the POTUS have to show his ID for security?

A random thought from coroporate land…

Assuming that the American President has a government-issued ID card, does he have to show his ID to a guard or an electronic lock to move about the White House? What if he goes to the Pentagon for an uber-classified briefing – does he have to swipe his ID there?

Similarly, does the President have to show ID or go through a security check when he meets with a foreign head of state?

Or is the President considered to always be inside the security perimeter?

I would bet one or two of the Secret Service agents that guards the president remove any roadblocks to accessing areas the president needs to go. When Clinton visited the Everett Boeing plant, he did not have a visitor pass like many corporate visitors.

I’m betting that this is the case.
Are you wondering whether someone could impersonate the POTUS, or are you asking if the POTUS has to go through mundane security checks?

dnooman, I am asking if the POTUS has to go through security checks as mundane as a locked door.

It’s a little known part of the president’s powers is that he can pass through locked doors like a ghost.

There is an anecdote of the king of Thailand being asked for ID by an overly-officious grunt on security duty somewhere. The king asked one of his guards for a coin (which of course has his pictire on it), and showed that as ID.