Does the president have to sign a nondisclosure agreement when he leaves office?

Does he? I mean this guy knows a lot of our secrets, probably not all of them but a lot of classified military stuff. Say bush decides to talk about our nuclear abilities or new classified technology. Could he be charged with treason? I assum he cant pardon himself from a furture crime

I don’t know about the president, but I used to have a garden-variety security clearance (SECRET) and when I left and the clearance expired, I didn’t have to sign anything. I think everything that you need to sign is done when you are first cleared. Just because you leave a job or are no longer cleared at that level doesn’t mean you are freed from any obligation to continue to protect classified information.

If an ex-president, or anyone else, disclosed classified information to an enemy of the state it could be considered treason even if they didn’t sign any special agreement on leaving their job.

If you have a higher-than-SECRET clearance (Top Secret, along with any associated compartments), you will need to conduct an outbriefing that informs you that you are no longer allowed access to need-to-know information, nor are you allowed to disclose it.

Now, the President, like all elected officials, are not required to receive a background investigation-- their clearances come from their respective position in the government. But I would not be surprised if even the President is required to sign an outbrief declaration as a matter of course (so they can be indicted if they disclose information in the future).

And, pray tell, what would happen if he refused? In other words, who could force him to? As president, he could declassify anything he wanted (according the Cheney so could the vice). The real problem is the other way. The current occupant is attempting to render permanently off-limits most of his papers in violation of statute law.