Does the price of gasoline instantly jump significantly in other countries?

So, I’m on empty (or close to it) last night, and decide to wait till this morning to fill up. The price of gas increased 9 cents per litre overnight. Great. Adjusting for currency that’s about 30 U.S. cents a U.S. gallon.

This happens all the freakin’ time here in Canada. What could possibly have transpired while we were asleep? Funny how it never falls by 9 or 10 cents a litre instantly though.

Does this happen regularly elsewhere?

Seems to happen the same way in an upward direction around here in New Hampshire, though usually it’s a few cents a day.

Recently, though, we’ve seen $.10 drops overnight.

This happens (or used to happen) all the time in St. Louis. Jumps of 10, 20 or 30 cents aren’t uncommon overnight.
If you go to and graph the price of gas over 6 months here, you’ll see what I’m talking about. (The way they make the graphs means I can’t link directly to it, but it’s generally a slow and steady fall followed by a sudden, overnight spike.)

Yes, it’s common for gas stations to jump 10c/Litre in Australia, usually around Wednesday or Thursday. The explaination I’ve heard for it is that Thursday is payday.

It sure happens here in Panama. I swear it went up more than 50 cents, if not overnight, in less than a week.

When I lived in Canberra the price of petrol regularly increased significantly every **second ** Thursday (public service payday). I’m told that this is still the case. Anyone who can obviously fills his car with petrol on Wednesday.

In Cincinnati it would go up 20 cents per gallon between the morning drive to work and lunchtime. It would hover there for a week or so then drift downward until the next time the pricing squirrels got scared.

I’ve never noticed rises of more than a couple of pence from one fill-up to the next, i.e. across two or three days. Mind you, I haven’t been running a car as long as some people, so more experience Brits might be able to tell you differently. The greater cost of fuel makes such rises less noticeable in any case - 2p (five cents) is only about a 4% price increase.

Colibri What are you paying for gasolina in the Old country?

Here the price only goes up by government fiat. The last time was a couple of three years ago. It went up to about a buck a gallon.

It varies from place to place in Australia but follows a regular weekly cycle in each City. In Sydney petrol is cheapest on Tuesday then rises toward the weekend, peaks on Friday or Saturday and cpmes back down. I think in Melbourne it is cheapest on Thursday. If you ever live near a station you can watch the price go up or down by 5 cents without the adveny of any new delivery.

Not here in Mexico. The government controls both the production and price. It goes up a very small amount the first day of the month. It amounts to about 4% over a year.