Does the the Phalanx-like Russian AK-630M1-2 spit out rounds faster than anything on the planet?

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Wiki: Russia AK-630M1-2:

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Vid of Phalanx in all sorts of firing modes:

(Kinetic rounds, not laser zaps :))

Nope, Metal Storm.

I’ll attempt to address what I perceive as the intent of your question rather than its letter by mentioning weapons like the Denel 35mm or Oelikon Millennium gun

I’m not sure what to call that particular type of mechanism or subtype of CIWS, but weapons like it may not have the greatest number of rounds fired but they can have the greatest number of projectiles.

Each barrel of the Denel 35mm can shoot 550rpm and each rounds has 152 projectiles for a total of 1393 projectiles/second. An Oerlikon gun can shoot 1000rpm with the same number of projectiles per round for 2533 projectiles/second.

Phalanx-like guns could be combined with AHEAD ammo for even greater projectile numbers although this might make programming the rounds more difficult/onerous. It should also be noted that revolver cannons tend to have greater initial ROF but rotary canons have an easier time sustaining a high ROF.

As for Metal Storm, it makes sense to interpret its rate of fire according to the rate of its smallest independently-usable component rather than a bundle of barrels. Otherwise, you could just link up 10 000 M2s together and call it a day.

Thanks to both. Michael, how did you read my question by the letter? Not snark, just interested.

I’m still not clear on what the practical difference is between Metal Storm and a shotgun.

That you were asking which weapons fired the most cartridges.

It’s about the word “rounds”. The distinction between rounds and projectiles is usually overlooked because most rounds have just 1 projectile so people will commonly use the word “round” when they mean “projectile”. Normally, it would be pedantic to make the distinction but when rounds have more than 1 projectile, the distinction becomes relevant.

Going by the letter of your question, the weapons I named spit out a low number. Going by what I understand to be the spirit of your question, they spit out a high number.

Seems like a minuteman 3 missile silo would shoot out the fastest round.

It’s not spat out very quickly, though - it’s traveling relatively slowly when it leaves the silo.

but if we take into account the average speed along it’s flight

Nah, there are a few weaponized lasers and microwaves out there, those are much faster than a Minuteman.

He was politely saying that he was fixing your question.
OF course you don’t mean firing 100 barrels, so we should standardise down to one barrel, which barrel can shoot fastest ?

Of course we don’t want to look at multiple projectiles fired at one time, since metal storm and shotguns ,etc, can have many tiny projectiles.

The two guns you mentioned have multiple barrels… if it has six barrels, it may as well be six guns with a robot with six arms shooting them.

This is the fastest barrel.